West Java, Indonesia



Our Garden

Founded in 2005 it was inspired by the overseas floriculture industry. Currently it has hundreds of main types of plant in the form of potted plants and flower.

Located at an altitude of 1200m above of sea level and has good agroecology for plant, our garden provide good quality floriculture products.

Our Products

We provide various types of tropical and succulent plants.

Tropical Plants: anthurium, philodendron, monstera, alocasia, hoya and ornamental plants that belong to the aroid family (araceae).

Succulent Plants: agave, aloeviera, cactus, echeveria, euphorbia, gasteria, haworthia, sanseveria, and other plants that belong to other succulent family.

We also supply mutated tropical or succulent plant such as variegated, monstrouse, and other unique shape.


Our company mission is to develop the ornamental plant industry and develop the Indonesian floriculture market. As the company to prioritize costumer satisfaction, we have distibution channels through agents. We have also provide shipping to costumers in large and quantities both domestically and abroad with permissionand official documents from quarantine Indonesia.

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